Asset Safety

There are some things i dont understand about asset safety. Why do people in for example 0.9 pay the same fee to recover assets as someone in 0.0 does? And why do people in 0.0 even get to recover their assets?

What about capital ships, should they not be covered by asset safety as well? Freighters in particular can have alot of stuff in them

Last but not least why arent you alerted by email if you have stuff going into asset safety?

Moderators shutting down the thread again. This is getting annoying.

Yawn. Inb4 lock again. I didn’t get to ask before on your other character but if you quit can I have your stuff?

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Reported for trolling

Good luck with that while reopening a thread that got locked twice in the past what, 12 hours?

Why do you think it got locked? Its because of trolls like you. Moderators should do their job and remove you and keep the threads clean. Quickly glancing over the forum threads it looks like you reply to almost all of them. Why is that? Do you have to have a presence and give your useless opinion in all threads?

Hello again. I am closing this thread for the following rules:

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