Citadel Access

In reference to a previous thread now closed Citadel Access
This continues to be an issue.

Solution just destroy all freeports

No really this is happening all the time it is incredibly tedious

Don’t use them then.

Yes that is ok but is that fair to all the people who want their citadels to be used
This is a pain and makes me just want to destroy all of them

Go, destroy them and stop whining.

I might have better things to do than shoot useless piles of junk. They should either facilitate the public or not, this stupid trap that costs you 5 days of no access to your ships is just dumb

This is EVE. Nothing is fair. If people want their citadel markets to be used, they won’t lock peoples’ assets up or put them in the same spot as a hundred others. The ones who do this will quickly find themselves on lists as untrustworthy and people will stop going there. That’s the nature of the free market at the centre of EVE Online.

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If owners want others to be able to use it, they are free to do so. But anyone also needs to keep in mind, thats its a player owned structure and with those comes certain risks.
Unless you live in a wormhole, you have asset safety, exactly because if the above mentioned risks.

If you dont like using freeport citadels, then dont. Nobody is forcing you to use them so whats the issue? From the sound of it, you should anchor your own citadel tbh or use NPC stations.

Too bad dude, deal with it.

Well then I guess my question is do you think asset safety should exist , seeing as your arguments seem to suggest that it shouldn’t ?

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