CCP please remove the asset safety fees

i had an orca in a player owned structure once, had to pay up 110 million isk just to reclaim it, does ccp not see the problem with this? you guys are trying to bring in more players while at the same time scaring them away. Please make asset safety free again considering how infrequent player structures are always anchoring and unanchoring. Put yourselves in the shoes of the new player experience, would you stick around if your ship went missing and found out you had to pay isk to get your ship back?

If the station went abandoned they (the people that shot the structure) would own that Orca now. Do not store your stuff in a player structure if you go away long term.

Atleast you did not need to replace it now.


Wait, was asset safety ever free?

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I think the issue here is the ability of players to destroy other players’ stations without their consent. If CCP were to remove the underlying ability to do this, asset safety would no longer be needed, and players would have a lot more fun.


This is actually really harsh for people who didn’t know and were away since before this change, as those people would expect their assets to be safe regardless.

That I agree with.

It was a dick move with very little warning. It did not stop me from profiting from it though and I still do.

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Just get rid of assest saftey altogether. Go on a break… then put your stuff in a npc station.
Blowing up a player owned station should drop all contents just like wormhole space. Now that would be fun!

You’re looking at this the wrong way.

You didn’t pay 110 million ISK to reclaim your Orca.

You paid 110 million isk for an already prefit Orca - a deal by any measure.

The alternative was that when the place you parked your Orca exploded, so did your Orca, and you were left to buy and fit an entirely new one for a couple billion.

Citadels aren’t NPC starbases - they’re player assets and they go boom just like player ships do. If you’re being lazy and parking your stuff in a player asset, don’t be surprised when you have to pay extra because you chose poorly.


You were ‘scared off’ for a whole 5 years since your last killboard record ? A single trip to the asteroid belt in a Venture every week would have paid off the 110m in that time.

Why should your ship being in a station be any different to your ship being blapped outside a station ? As it is, your ship does get saved. Paying 10% of the price to get it back is a small price to pay given that rationally your ship ought to be destroyed along with the station.

Oh, the poor 1 day old noobs again, flying around in their 1bn ISK Orcas.


Ccp moved your ship to an npc station upon the structure either being destroyed or moved. Why shouldnt you have to pay a fee for that?

And what the hell does it have to do with new players?


When someone runs out of arguments, the good guys switch to direct ad hominem attacks. At least they’re giving everyone else the courtesy of quickly being bannable/ignorable.

The bad guys switch into the insidious black hole of a “think of the newbies” debate which derails everything and is the opposite of a trump card: it can be played at anytime and is a guaranteed losing move.


I’m not sure about ‘free’, but the cost is greatly reduced if you deliver the items to a station in the same system after the 5 day timer. Eve-U says .5% (which is pretty close to ‘free’) vs 15% if they are auto delivered after the 20 day timer.

I can’t say definitively that it was never free, but I don’t think it unlikely that people would be confused about the two price points and how they work. Anyone returning after a long hiatus would be charged the higher price, while those actively playing would probably opt to get their goods sooner and pay the reduced fee.

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I’ve looked into it more than a person ought to have, and now I can say definitively that it was free to deliver items in the same system after 5 days when asset safety was first implemented (around or before January 2018). The 0.5% fee was added around or before June 2019.

The source for these dates, should anyone be curious, is the timestamp of the archived Eve-U articles. The first being the creation date for the Asset Safety page, and the second being the revision date that updates the cost from 0 to 0.5%.


Thank you very much for sleuthing, I learned something new today.

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