Asset Recovery - Returning player

So Ive returned to Eve after a 3 year hiatus. All of my assets were up in Fade. And have been placed in Asset Safety. And they want 15% to get my ships back. Before you go into the whole “defend your space thing blah blah blah” When I left the game, these stations were not destroy able. They could only change ownership. Now I have no problem paying a fee to have my assets moved. But the asset value has changed unbelievably. A vindicator back in my day was a billion fully fit faction fit. Now they want around 400million to get it out of assets. Am I really to believe the value has changed that much? I’m not going to do the math now, but wouldn’t 15% put the value of my vindicator now at several billion isk? It will almost surely bankrupt me getting this stuff out of asset jail.

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hi @SerialBoX

asset safety is only for citadels, refineries & engineering complexes … these were allways destroyable … so if you had your stuff there it was allways a risk

NPC stations are NPC stations … cant be destroyed

or are you talking about outposts? these are citadels now and can be removed or destroyed … maybe CCP an help with a ticket


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Have to go back before the time of citadels and whatever goofy names they have given the new stations now. They were just stations, built by alliances with an egg, they could not be destroyed. They only changed hands in wars, your stuff could get stuck in there, which was a risk I knew would happen back then. Worst comes to worse, I start playing again, find out what alliance has control of the station, join them and get my stuff back. But now it will literally cost me billions of isk to get my stuff back. Its increased in value sooooooo much, that I can’t really afford to get it all out. I found a few other posts related to mine. Its just very discouraging. When I left the game, I have every blingy ship out there and 20 billion in isk in the wallet. Now it will cost me 10 billion at 15% of the current value to get MY stuff back, which was locked away through no fault of my own. Thats just not how the game was back then. I guess if I don’t like it, Ill just play the 30 days they gave me for free again. But lets just say for CCP its not a good way to welcome someone back. Leaving on top, but now coming back to a huge hole.

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No paragraphs …

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yea you talk about outposts … they were removed from the game and converted to citadels … since then they can be taken down or players can kill it

i have no idea if there is a way to get your stuff out without asset safety … i would fill a ticket and see what they say


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Thank Juur, Ill give it a shot, pretty sure they are going to tell me to go have intercourse with myself. In which case they don’t get my real life money.

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well if they cant help you with that its allways possible to make the isk and get it back
in a good corp/alliance it should be possible … depends on the area …


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Just for when you may be thinking of using Asset Safety;

After 5 days a player can choose to have the assets delivered to an NPC station, outpost, or Upwell Structure in the same system the assets were originally located. If the package is not moved manually within 20 days after its creation, it will be automatically moved as follows:

  • From Null Security space: to a station in the nearest Low Security system, by AU.
  • From Low Security space: to a station in the nearest Low Security system, by AU.
  • From High Security space: to a station in the nearest High Security system, by AU.

Source: Asset Safety



you can also choose to get only one, or two, or however many things you deem essential to get you back on your feet; and then later, when it’s financially comfortable, redeem the rest.

Im aware of what I can and cannot do. It’s a simple fact that I am being punished financially for being away from the game for some time. Ive been playing since 04’ literally probably spent a few thousand dollars in getting my assets. When I left, there was never any repo system, and they changed the game thru no fault of my own. I have no desire to pay AGAIN to get my stuff back. I understand the safety asset system, but I don’t think it should apply to players who had there stuff moved from non-destructible stations while they were away. Honestly I want a waiver. I didn’t not show up to a fight, I didn’t leave my stuff in a POS out in space that was going to run out of fuel. I had all my stuff nice and tidy in 2 outposts. I figured when I came back to the game, I would just join up with whatever alliance controls that space and walla, no harm no foul.

But when you leave the game with hundreds of billions in assets, that have gone up in value and don’t have much actuall ISK in the wallet, it seems like a punishment to come back to the game.

Look at it this way, when I left the game, Gecko drones were around 20 million a piece. I have probably a dozen different faction battleships loaded out with Gecko’s.

Dont be space poor?

I know right. I haven’t even logged on my 3rd account with my Nyx and Erebus. Im not sure if they are still floating out in space somewhere since they were just floating cloaked next to a POS years ago. If I have to pay 15% of that to get them back… forget that. I already paid enough to get them the first time lol

I doubt those exist anymore if they were at a POS.

Look on the brightside, Capitals are far cheaper than they were when you left.

From the research I have done, it sounds like they will be packaged up in safety asset containers in lowsec and there will be at 15% fee. No way am I coming back if they simply just got rid of my super and titan lol. Thats now how this pay to play works.

CCP has to evolve over time yes, but you don’t just get to delete people’s stuff. Well actually they can do what they want, but I wouldn’t see the point here. There goal is $$$, no way would I give them a dime if they literally deleted a few thousand dollars of time and money I spent before.

POSes arent covered by asset safety afaik, at least not things outside hangar arrays.

I went away and lost an astrahaus full of stuff cos WHs dont have asset safety.

Sometimes you play a game and you lose a life, you know?

They weren’t in a POS. They were simply floating on in space, with cloaks. I haven’t looked at the accounts yet, but there is a small chance I log on, and I am still in both ships and just go back to that same spot. Obviously I have no idea what will be around that moon anymore. I’ll have to do more research later. But both ships weren’t docked or anything, they were literally in space just cloaked up. You couldn’t dock or tether capitals besides freighters and dreads back then. You had to keep your pilot in the ship at all times.

Ok, what? How do you cloak something you arent in?

Alts is it?

Or have I picked this up wrong?

You dont stay cloaked if you log out. If they are piloted they will still be there, even if your account is Alpha

A moon mining structure maybe with a standing fleet warping in as they spot you spawning? :thinking:

Don’t forget to link the lossmail. :crazy_face:

My pilots were in the ships when I left. When I last left the game. My nyx and erb pilot were in the ships just floating in space. Back then you just cloaked them up, when you logged off, they flew off a few thousand KM and disappeared as long as you didn’t have a timer.

I think he safe logged is what he means.

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