Returning player lost

So I’ve just returned after about 2 years and wow, do I feel sooooo lost. I have a question about ships & items. I some how have hundreds of PLEX now but only 1 ship. I assume that after time Eve converted all my assets to PLEX?

No. Your aurum converted to plex. That’s all the stuff you had when you left clearly. Or you left it in Corp hangers and it got stolen.

Well I had only a few thousand Aurum but now have over 500 PLEX?, I didn’t have anywhere near that much in Aurum. Also none of ships were in corp hangers and I have 0 of them now. That’s the reason I asked because a few years ago your stuff wasn’t converted.

Now they were in a Citadel. Could it all have converted if the Citadel got destroyed?

One old Plex got turned into 500 new Plex, and as indicated any aurum got converted as well. If you had items in nullsec stations they may have gone to “asset safety”, can be accessed through the asset window.

Ah, then that’s the answer. Thanks. Still not sure though what happened to my stuff, but oh well.

Citadel in a wormhole?

There they are. I don’t recall an Asset Safety, but sure enough there’s stuff there. I see an Auto Delivery in 8d. Is that something new and how does it work? Sorry for all the questions.

Probably the easiest way to get up and running again is to join a friendly corp. Eve university wiki is also still the best place to get quick answers to a lot of stuff.

Perfect, thanks again.

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