Returning player asset safety issues

I have started playing again after about 5 years and have been having issues with missing assets. I was in null that was taken over when i left so all my stuff went into asset safety when the play owned stations got destroyed. Much of it made it to asset safety but much didnt. My question is where did the rest go? Im missing loads of pvp ships, and pve ships. Is there some system in null that made me lose a bunch of assets? Ive went and checked every asset safety wrap in my assets and none of them have my missing stuff. Could the corp somehow have taken my stuff? Also some of the ships in the wraps are things im pretty sure werent mine, some of them are named in ways i never named and a few even have other players names on them.


If there is anything left, send it to me.

Welcome back!

5 years is quite a time, it could be possible that you forgot that some people lent you some ships, or gave them, explaining the names. It’s also possible that you’re missing assets that you possibly already sold or lost. I sure wouldn’t be able to recount all the ships I have in the hangar right now, let alone in 5 years.

That aside, there are some other possible explanations for both missing assets and assets of other players in your asset safety.

Delivery - it’s possible to deliver items within a structure to another player, which could explain strange ships.

Abandoned citadels - as of a few years now, if a player structure goes unfueled for more than a week it goes into an ‘abandoned’ state, which means that many services stop working for it, including asset safety.

If some of the old structures you had stuff in were abandoned by the time they exploded, your assets inside may have been destroyed and looted. Perhaps people even noticed your name on some of the ships and delivered you some other ships in another structure. Who knows?

Hope that might explain the unexpected assets.

Anyway, I hope you get the rest of your assets sorted out and find your footing in the game again. Welcome back!


Yeah that would make sense. My stuff was spread out pretty heavily in different fortizars. Luckily i got the big things like my carrier and rorq.

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