Returning to Eve, missing ships/BP/Ect

Been away from eve for the last 2.5 years, due to incredibly poor internet.
Decided it might be fun to jump on, do some mining, maybe see if some old friends were about.

Logging on today, Im a little confused… I am certain My characters were in NulSec (CR-AQH in Pureblind I believe) but are now at Orvolle VI. ok, not that big of a deal… But what concerns me, is trying to look at my inventory. I see none of my ships, fittings, blueprints, resources, ect… Nothing at all Listed for CR-AQH, where everything would have been stored… (my corp rented space there before the fountain war).

Am I Missing something obvious? Was there an update of some kind that would have wiped these things, and shunted my pilots to Hisec? Most concerned about my blueprints… those buggers were expensive… :confused:

Almost certainly when your group left that system, or was removed, your stuff was sent to asset safety. You need to pay to have the items delivered to a lowsec station (your best option). Your stuff in asset safety is in a different tab, shown in that support article.

There has been a recent change to asset safety so it is possible you may have lost it in an abandoned station. But if that did happen, there will be a notification in your communications that your stuff was at risk. But if it was that long ago, or your group moved out, your stuff is just waiting to be delivered out of asset safety.


Thanks for pointing this out. Seemed like a likely candidate for my issue, so flew out to a LowSec station. (Oulley IV)
Unfortunatly, nothing is in my tab Safety tab though (just says no items found), and no communications saying stuff was at risk.
I’m not sure if asset safety actually applies to me or not. Think I/my stuff was just in an NPC station there, not a citadel or anything.

-of note, and possibly super relevant, Ive not re-subbed to anything yet, wanted to give some safer tasks a try on my (still) terrible internet before buying PLEX. Would this be limiting what i can see/recover?

Well, if that was the case they should be there.

Try a friendly support ticket and ask a GM. Maybe they can help point you in the right direction. Unless you were hacked, your stuff should still be there.

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Sounds like a good next step. thanks for your time giving ideas on what to check first!

I think it’s only in asset safety for some days or weeks, after that it’s just a secure container in a NPC station nearby not listed in “asset safety” but in “inverntory”. Didn’t find out yet how to check the interiour of that container remotely.

There should be a notification for asset safty in “mail”, just like war declarations, insurance and bounty payout, and that ilk. You’ve got nearly 3 years of mail tro check…

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Asset safety, after certain times it will be dumped in the nearest lowsec station

So open your assets window and look through the stations for a container with something like a station name (the origin of your ‘asset safety’)

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