Returning after a few years

Last time i logged in to Eve was 36 months ago, i think it was back before any asset safety existed. Vast bulk of my assets were in cloud ring, Now i log in and i’m not finding anything in that region on either of my accounts.

I’m wondering Is all of that stuff gone now? The jump clones i had in cloud ring are gone, so i dont know if the stations are gone or not.

Up until tomorrow, 100% asset safety in still a thing in k-space, so your items that were in Upwell POSes that have since been decommissioned or destroyed will now be in NPC stations somewhere. Assets in WH POSes are destroyed. In tomorrows patch, a mechanic will be introduced such that assets in destroyed POSes in k-space can be destroyed permanently if the POSes become abandoned one week after being low-powered.

asset safety has been around a lot longer than 36 months my dude.

36 months is just the time that account logs say was my last login. I know i was last in-game before upwell stuff was even released

just check your assets window, and they are in the closest npc station, in “cans” named according to the system and citadel where they were initially

Looks like there’s no NPC station in Cloud Ring.
I suggest to check out Olkagaiken and A-SJ8X.

And 3 years ago there were Citas, I’m very sure. Or did you put your stuff into a POS within a force field?

also check your Mails=> Communications => structures: you got a mail each time your assets were moved via assets safety which says where

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Thank you Wyk that’s the info i was hunting for, I found my assets. The random cans in systems i knew i didn’t stage from made no sense to me.

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