Loosing ships when station gone

what happens to ship when station stops running or is just gone . I lost a Rorqual and Carrier about 20 billion. The station was " Joint Havest Mineral Reserve Station" in Aunenen Caldari space. I got e-mail saying I was terminated in Caldair space what the. “What happen to my ships” ??? looking to fined some resolution to this problem.

I won’t ask you for your stuff because you apparently have no stuff :rofl:


On serious note:

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Is it this station?

Yes, this is a station.

yes it was

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So what happens to my stuff then, I got e-mail saying my jump clone was gone and I was an enemy of the state and I was terminated.

The Joint Harvesting station was most definitely not destroyed. The message rather said that a structure in Aunenen was destroyed and your assets were transferred to that Joint Harvesting station. Check your Asset window’s Safety tab. If this mail was sent to you recently, you should have an entry in that tab.


Sounds like you do faction warfare? By chance did the opposite faction capture that station?

I did check my asset window and they is nothing at all to even indicate I was there .

You don’t have a safety tab like in the article I linked?

I suggest you create a support ticket and ask directly for help.

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