Asset Safety

Left for a few months and came back and my assets are missing. example my Carrier and other ships with it in station not sure if this is correct place for post but really need some help with this matter.

Can you provide a screenshot of what your Assets window looks like?

If any of your Assets have been automatically transferred into the Asset Safety system, you’ll be able to find them by searching for “Asset Safety Wrap” in your Assets Search window.


This will tell you (1) Which station that wrap is currently located in and (2) Which structure that Asset Safety wrap came from.

Additionally, once you have found out which system they’re located in, you can clear the search text box and look into each wrap to see what’s contained inside them, like so:


This worked I was able to find all my items, Thank You! :smile: :relaxed:

How do I retrieve if in Neutral corp null sec station.

You will have to travel to that station in person and pull out the items from the Asset Safety wrap. They will appear as a just another container.

You will have to pay a small percentage of the value of the items however. I can’t remember the exact percentage right now, but it will tell you and give you a dialog box if you want to accept.

15% of the value to get it back.

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