Asset safety

Hi, I lost access to my hangar in lowsec azbel, and I cannot find asset safety option.

Open your Assets Window (ALT+T) then switch to the Assets Safety tab and you’ll find it there (if it’s already been activated on your items). Otherwise you should be able to find it in you Assets list and have the option to manually activate Assets Safety, in which case you can go to another station (in same system) and have it delivered there for a price of 0.5% of assets’ value to get it released.

If not delivered in the same system there will be a 20days delay and the cost to get your assets released will cost you 15% and they will be delivered to the nearest LS system (with 1 jump to HS) relative to it’s origin station/structure.

I dont have them in safety tab, I still see them in hangar, but I cannot withdraw these things. I tried lanuch to outside like jetisson, but it didnt work.

You have to activate asset safety for them first. As long as the structure is still alive, your items are in the structure. They do not get automatically sent to asset safety just because you lost access to them. In personal assets, right click the name of the station you have assets in and you should be able to activate the asset safety.

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