Asset Safety - Did I miss the train?

So I am a returning player and I just learnt about asset safety and the switch over to the new citadels in nullsec.

There are quite a few stations that I had things in, scattered around various nulls. For instance, I have 30+ Taranis, several Machariels and even an AT ship in certain stations.

How do I have them moved? Have I missed my chance?


Asset Safety is a permanent feature. Just open your Asset window and right click a citadel. At the bottom of the right click menu, you find the Move to Asset Safety option.


As Dyver mentions, just make sure they are items stored in an actual citadel, only player built outposts and conquerable stations were converted, if its a standard NPC station then asset safety does not apply, also bear in mind that there will be a cost involved with asset safety in terms of an ISK fee


Heh, he mentioned having an AT ship. That’s going to cost. I believe the fee is 10% of the total value.

Won’t that depend on the ship having been sold on the market? The price comes up as N/A for a lot of AT ships, at least in Lonetrek (not sure if regional markets affect the simulator).

No, it depends on how the mechanic was implemented. You will have to wait and find out.

0.5% if you’re moving assets to another station/structure in the same system, 15% if moving them to a station/structure in a different system…

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Looks like they’ve split the cost from the intial 10%. But 15% … that’s going to hurt for some.

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