Asset safety price

I dont understand way my assets safety is costing almost as the current market price’s
i have in 25 stations stuff now it gonne cost me a few bil to get my own stuff back
and i dont have the isk to pay for all my stuff, so i lost it in 0.0 and now i lost it again becouse i dont have the isk to get my own stuff back.
way is the price so high anyway for moving the stuff its a computer program.

grz Tony1

Yeah it should just drop your assets to the people who destroyed the station. Magic asset teleportation is just bad and leads to such threads where people ask for even more handouts


Asset safety should not exist at all.


Destroyable station-like structures should not exist at all. They have brought nothing good to EVE and will continue to bring nothing good.

Why is there a price for asset safety at all? I guess that is to balance risk and reward.
You can live out of HS/NS stations (not citadels) and never worry to lose anything at all. But perhaps you will be quiet poor and/or bored. Or you can live in Null and make a fortune, but that comes at the risk of losing 25% (EDIT is is even only 0,5 -15%) percent to asset safety when you/your team screws up. Or you can live in a WH like me and make a fortune fast but at the risk to lose EVERYTHING when evicted.

I try to keep my assets liquid as my ISK don’t care for evictions. If I was in Nullsec I would try to have at least 1/3 of my assets in ISK or PLEX. Just contract the stuff you don’t need for a haul to jita and dump it to buyorders. Don’t mind if you seem to lose a few percent of value, cash is always worth more than stuff stuck in space. Too late for that now, but maybe next time…

Now on the problem that the asset safety seems to be too expensive compared to market prices: You need to add some examples or all we can do are wild guesses. Maybe you paid the average price, then the fire-sales kicked in and ruined the prices?

Anyway: Sell when you can, not when you must. That one is always true. I have all my stuff in the part of the game that was design for sovereignty wars and we are not the top dog around - what could probably go wrong? When joining the goldrush don’t store the nuggets you found under the blanket in your tent, doh!

25% I thought it was 15%…

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It is 15% - or 0.5% if delivered to the same system.

I’m not sure what the OP is complaining about. If somehow that 15% fee represents the market value of his items, he is living in a very atypical economic part of New Eden. I probably should move there.

My guess is he just has way more stuff than he thinks. If you have items from 25 different stations, just deliver the ones you can afford, sell the stuff to pay the impound fee for the next one and so on. You are still way better off having all your stuff consolidated to an NPC station for you for such a modest fee.

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If you can’t pay right now you lose it ??? I did this for 2 carriers i’m a bit nervous oO

And the best part is, while one sells the useless stuff that’s been gone for too long anyway, can one cherry-pick the best and the most memorable pieces out if it.

But of course always first go to the forum, complain about it how one now can get stuff back, and let others guide you through the process.

There’s then one last thing we need to do, wish the OP a speedy recovery … of his items that is.

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No, it can stay in asset safety forever. You won’t lose it.

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I don’t know why he is complaining, this 15% is roughly in line with the loss that you take when intelligently fire selling your stuff after being kicked out of space and as such it is fine.


Asset safety is a bit like the new chat system, it wasn’t really needed, my assets that i didn’t request to be put in a can, can stay in the fkn can :wink:

I bet next to be hit will be bookmarks!

Put the cans up for auction.

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