Asset safety idea from jim halescott eve online facebook group

repost from CSM assembly post to get more ppl exposure

I’ll just drop this overall solid propesed revamp to asset safety i found in eve online group in facebook

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Please read fully before responding :smiley:

Some people like asset safety
Some people don’t

REASONS WHY PEOPLE LIKE ASSET SAFETY: If they take a long break from the game, they can get their stuff back if their stuff was located in a destroyed structure.

REASON WHY PEOPLE DON’T LIKE ASSET SAFETY: It’s no longer ‘fun’ destroying structures, with the potential of a nice payout in the structure wreck (or jetted cargo cans), from peoples assets.


  1. Whilst corp/alliance IS NOT at war, asset safety can be used as it currently is.
  2. If corp/alliance IS at war: +10% asset safety costs. Assets CAN still be moved manually of course.
  3. If structure is on Structure reinforcement – Cannot use asset safety. Assets CAN still be moved manually of course.
  4. CCP implements a new ‘asset safety button’ for ALL assets in each player owned structure. So if you plan on leaving for a while, you can press this button and asset safety everything, in every structure, with a single click, for the +20% of normal asset safety costs. (can only be used once per 3 months)

This allows people who are not at war, and cannot access a structure, ability to asset safety like CURRENT mechanics dictate. Furthermore, if corp/alliance is at war, the +10% cost increase for asset safety may deter some people to manually move things, potentially leading to content for attackers and/or third parties if in NS or LS. If structure is reinforced on structure (shield and armor is dead), asset safety is NO LONGER POSSIBLE, making it profitable for attackers to gain potential nice drops, but of course to keep it fair for defenders, the defenders can still remove assets manually, with the risk of being camped… etc (leading to content).
‘ASSET SAFETY ALL’ button is +20% of current costs for asset safety initiation to deter people from using it. Also it can only be used once every 3 months. It allows all assets inside player structures to immediately enter asset safety. Can be used if all your structures are being attacked and you wanna save your ■■■■, or if you’re just going on holiday for a while and want to protect your crap. You’ll need to pay extra for the service, or else manually remove everything yourself (Y) (potentially leading to content)



I use asset safety to buy things in stations I have no access to.

How will this affect that?

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  1. You get an expensive killmail
  2. You deny them use of the station as its destroyed
  3. They pay to get assets back, isk sink
  4. If you can’t be bothered to destroy without the above, you shouldn’t be rewarded.

You want a reward but at the same time you destroy and station/isk dissappears from the game. You think CODE. cares on about a destroyer vs barge/exhumer? Jita gankers popping blockade runners with out a reward, its a crap shoot.

Change your perspective, eve isn’t about riskless reward. Put in the effort and see what you get, sometimes you fail and sometimes you don’t.

So if I’m planning on a break, your idea is for me to asset safety everything (across all the stations I have stuff in) with a button click, and then have to deal with moving it all back when I return?

This new proposed asset protection scheme is also about making asset safety more expensive when under war so that ppl have a bigger incentive to commit ships to defending

Removing asset safety would compel that to be, though.

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nay i say they charge 100% fee for safety!

The one true fix is to Remove Asset Safety

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sure ive quit using citadels anyways after i gathered an entire area of ore in 1 after 5b ore was gathered for compression on my last trip i was locked out of the station

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