By removing the asset safety from the game, it will help the current war of 0.0 to really fight for their things and not lose more players, than those who have already been lost.

Let me know what you think. 07

Well, I think it’s only fair, considering it was mostly nullsec asking for asset safety to be removed, and they like going into wormholes and Pochven to pop structures with no asset safety. So, what’s good for the goose should be good for the gander, right? Unfortunately, the age of abundance/empire building created a bunch of spoiled, risk-adverse, challenge-adverse, soft-served null turds who would throw a hissy fit over this. I used to be in a rental corp, and they were far more resilient and less bitchy than today’s average bloc line member.

No P2W


Why stop there though?

Remove it from low and high sec too!

But on a serious note: removal of asset safety is removal of a hook that makes older players return. Players are more likely to return if they still have their assets somewhere. While I’m in favour of risk and dislike some of the abuse of asset safety (drop loot while roaming in hostile structure, asset safety it to safety) I’m not so sure complete removal of asset safety is a good idea.


Then get rid of all NPC stations so you have no option but to leave it in a non asset safety structure.

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In the past, assets were never at risk of losing in outposts as you could not destroy them. POS, on the other hand, could be destroyed and assets looted from them. Structures are a combination of both and therefore asset safety is a logical thing to have as assets should not be at risk all the time when docked. Hence, I don’t think your idea has any merit and would most definitely not help to keep this war going in any way.

What should change is that structures should go away and we should return to outposts. They were so much better for content and reliability, and it was much easier with them to fight wars because you could just leave your assets in a place, go to another place and wage war there and eventually come back and reconquer your station to get access to your assets again. Structures, on the other hand, bind you in a place. You can’t just leave to another area to wage war there. You are confined to an area and if you want to go elsewhere, you either put your assets at risk or have to pack everything and rebuild later. Neither is in any way shape or form ideal for fostering conflict.

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