When they finally stop asset safety

It would all good for new eden if the asset safety would be gone for once and for ever in 00 and ls the market would recover and there would be more reasons/rewards for big fights of course all the 00 people would say no because now it is convenient for them but if even 70%drops out of the stations that already would be something there is just to much wealth in the game
What you guys think of that?

will never happen …

but if they would then i hope they would reduce the assat saftey to 50% and the other 50% willl drop like in WH space. just for 00 Space !

LS space could be 75% assat saftey and 25 % loot
HS should stay as it is.

would rise the risk factor and still not lose everything

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Yeah, no thanks. Assets in station structures should be safe. Some players can’t be in-game and online 24/7.

The fact is CCP screwed over a lot of players by changing the game mechanics and making structures available for attack. That was a big F-you to all the players who bought structures. And then they ripped-off players even more by implementing the structure core mechanic.

Yeah, asset safety needs to stay, it’s basically insurance.


Then you have to organize your stuff maybe on npc stations or safe them in a ship. There are so many possibilities or your corp/alliance defend it I think the structure changes are OK just the small structure timer changes was not good

Yes I agree that’s how they should do it

I keep all my assets in High Sec NPC stations.

That’s your good right now body forces you to move them anywhere risk VS reward

Eve is already a bunch of chores on top of other chores, this would make EVE a full time job and would just force people into using NPC stations or make the blue donut even stronger

In other words, would have a negative effect


That’s why you can set your station timers so you will have a chance to defend them

Will never happen. Don’t even bother. Forcing Nullsec alliances to actually teach their members an Evac-doctrine and educate them to not stockpile what they can’t liquidate or evacuate quickly is simply unconscionable. The idea alone that someone could come, shoot your station, wins all three timers and then has a chance to loot 50% of your stuff that you didn’t bother to evac over a whole week of seeing that station burn - thats unimaginable!


Also think of those players that are taking a break, was a huge problem when CCP removed asset safety from abandoned structures


but if they know they taking a break they could just move their stuff to an npc station

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Why should they have to move their stuff to an NPC station if they take a break?

Besides, if you don’t like asset safety, you have 2 options: Live in W-Space (they need more weirdos like you anyway) or you get indestructible outposts back.

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because the stuff is safe there?

PS. living in J space for several years

Because the stuff is safe in indestructible outposts, and you just have to reclaim them or join the new holders to regain access if you ever lost access to it.

Honestly, I would very much prefer the return of outposts over the existence of Upwell structures. EVE was much more alive and kicking back when outposts were a thing, and you could just derp to the other side of the cluster without ever risking the items you had to leave behind. Upwell structures are a huge, negative anchor on your feet hat lock you into place and prevent dynamic action in the cluster. There is not a single positive aspect to Upwell structures in that regard.


Noone would use citidels if there was no asset safety.

WHs are the exception.

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they would clone bays refinering production etc

I should have added for long-term living in it. My bad. You are correct.

I loved living in a fortizar before my alliance moved.

I totally disagree… war should pay. If your worried store your stuff in npc stations. Go on a break… move your stuff to npc stations. Simple


Exactly what I am saying