[Suggestion] Rework of ASSET SAFETY

Since they are changing Citadel timers/modules how about making a change that is worthwhile too, like the mechanic that is current ASSET SAFETY. Along with adjusted drop rates below, we can make some changes that will protect those that are truly AFK.

Suggested Drop Rate Changes

  1. Wormholes - Drops 100% (0% goes to asset safety)
  2. Nullsec - Drops 75% of assets (25% goes to asset safety)
  3. Lowsec - Drops 50% of assets (50% goes to asset safety)
  4. Highsec - Drops 25% of assets (75% goes to asset safety)

Suggested Simple Changes

  1. If the player ACCOUNT does not log on for more then x-days (14 perhaps) they get 100% of assets moved to asset safety automatically.
  2. Keep normal random mechanic on dropped items of 50/50 destroyed/dropped.
  3. Remove the asset recovery fee associated with getting items back since items will actually be dropped/destroyed now.
  4. Implement “asset safety insurance” you can upgrade your protection to 90% for a one-time fee of 5% asset value, or 100% for a one-time fee of 10% asset value, and insurance is static to each citadel you buy it in forever (or until destroyed/removed).

This simple change along with the current suggested changed for citadel’s should make for a much more interesting gameplay!

There are citadel markets with trillions in player assets listed for sale. Your suggestion might have merit if drops were limited to members of the corporation that owned the structure - everything else goes to asset safety but, I suspect that would simply result in a proliferation of Alpha holding corporations.

People aren’t going to use citadel markets if the risk is too high. You’ll simply push the business back to Jita.

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That’s were the asset insurance comes in play, it can be worked as a one time fee or monthly like insurance.

uhm nope, just start using NPC stations again 100% of the time instead of 90% of the time…your idea sucks

That’s great and all assuming, the new NPC standings do stop your from docking in their stations anymore! That woudl be great as well.

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