Maximum 50% asset safety


Instead of waiting around for a year or more for God knows what result from various nerfs.

How about all structure drop 50% of everyone’s loot and gets put through loot fairy rng and the other 50% goes to asset safety.

That way we have reason to war and very fast turn around on removing resources from the economy.

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:red_circle: How would that give more reasons for war? Most structures are empty, the ones that are not are heavily protected and nigh unassailable unless the defenders are utterly crap. And even if they are, you can still simply move out your items before calamity hits your structure. What you want is for small entities to have a harder time while big entities have it even easier to dogpile on them.


Smaller entities don’t have anything worth going after. Larger entities do.

Evacuation provides more content and the possibility of further losses & fighting

Asset safety is a ridiculous concept in the first place.

Stuff, Magically, moves across the Galaxy. Wtf??


I kind of like the idea of some items in a citadel having a chance of dropping as loot while the rest goes to asset safety. The current system far too heavily favors station owners unless you’re in wormhole space.

Having said that, I think your proposal swings things too far the other way.

Here’s what I would suggest for all Upwell structures:

  1. Each item in an Upwell structure has a X% chance of going into asset safety upon the destruction of the structure. Medium structures would start at 70%, Large structures would start at 50%, and XL structures would start at 30%.
  2. Each active service module increases the chance of an item going into asset safety by 10% (additive, not multiplicative, so an Astrahaus with a single service module would give items an 80% chance of reaching asset safety).
  3. Any item not going into asset safety gets handled like a normal loot drop (i.e. roll against the loot fairy).

This would allow any structure with its full capacity of service modules running to still provide full asset safety, but for every empty service module slot a structure has, there is increased risk of items inside not making it into asset safety. In other words, if you want full asset safety, you have to pay more for it.


This is an interesting idea/take on the matter @Bronson_Hughes and is probably the first change or anti-asset safety idea i could maybe get behind.

Maybe you could put a little more thought into fleshing out and starting a specific thread on it?


No. 100% asset safety, no loot drops for killing newbies who just want to build a station. Griefer pvp players go to null if you want to pvp.

-1 to highsec nerfs.

Sorry Sabus, but a newbie should not be having a station if they do not understand the consequences.

ICANP as i warned you just entered my list for getting involved. HAve a nice day :slight_smile:


Newbies need to learn the game and a station is the most important thing for a corp, newbies working together to build something. No more griefing newbies who want to do something cool.

ICANP as i warned you just entered my list for getting involved. HAve a nice day

We got the war exploit fixed, thanks. Bittervets can’t hurt us. :joy: :joy: :joy:

This would result in going back to POS days where people just don’t store stuff in them, and cause a snowball effect in null where it is now worth the big groups burning everyone else out for drops, and therefore ending in a true blue doughnut

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When is that being considered by the mechanics?

Meaning fit and fueled.

What’s next, newbies who just want to have quarter of nullsec under their rule?

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:red_circle: In other words I can just have offline service modules in my structure to provide AS?

Do offline service modules require fuel? If no, then no.


If a service module is fit and has been fueled, it’s active.

I could be missing something here (I haven’t run an Upwell structure since they first came out), but I don’t think I am.


But when a structure goes into hull timer, modules turn off, regardless if fueled or not.

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Is it true that you cannot change module composition after start of attack? Then you can take the number of active modules at the moment structure starts hull timer.

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How do you determine 50%?
50% of ISK value? Based on what? Region market prices? Jita price?
50% of mineral vale? What about T3Cs and rigs?
50% of any items? So if I go AFK because of work, I have a 50% shot of coming back with nothing but metal scraps, some modules and ammo, while my enemies get to loot my Leviathans and Wyverns?

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As usual, a roll for every item stack?

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