Remove asset safety

Players in eve are extremely risk averse now, and asset safety is providing the mechanism be so. Why risk your titan or super when you can just let it be asset safetied? By removing asset safety completely, risking your titan/super actually serves a purpose. If you have a ton of ships or assets, it may be completely worth it to continue sacrificing ships in order to protect your assets.

Now I understand that the argument for asset safety is that older players who left the game who may come back don’t particularly want to come back to nothing. Well sucks for them doesn’t it, why should such a small minority dictate the mechanisms for the rest of us?

Player loot does not drop, instead it is just destroyed. Sure, people would definitely like the loot but honestly someone’s probably going to bomb the wreck or doomsday it knowing they can’t have the loot. Dropping loot from player hangers would probably crash the servers for bigger null bloc citadels from all the calculations anyways.

TL;DR Remove asset safety, and all personal hanger items are destroyed when the citadel is destroyed

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Because outposts never dropped loot or destroyed items.
Because npc stations never dropped loot or destroyed items

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I remember when houses would fall in UO and they would disgorge their contents.

Great times!!

There are two issues here, should a player who has stopped playing (temporarily) have his assets be safe? Even in UO your bank items were safe if you quit, but you could not own a house, it would fall and you would lose everything in it.

But that gets to another question because in EVE the “bank” might be owned by another player.


  1. If you stop playing you need to put your stuff in an NPC station or risk losing it.
  2. If you are playing you need to either evacuate or get your ass out and defend the station.
  3. If the player structure blows up, everything in it dumps into space!!



Because it isn’t a small minority. I’d bet that the majority of EVE players take a break at some point, and few things will get a person to log off permanently if they come back from a break to find that all their stuff was destroyed while they were offline and unable to do anything about it.

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Like OP if you’re gonna +1

Also to ^ you can’t just ‘take a break’ from being a true power of a societal game. If you get ■■■■■■ because you’re afk that’s your problem. And if you’re really that important you can probably afford the asset safety.

Those who disagree with asset safety have an option - move to wormhole space. Removing asset safety in sovereign Nullsec would pretty much kill the local markets - exactly the opposite of what CCP is trying to achieve.

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Maybe there should be some sort of % here, so in wh’s everything can drop (as is), sov null 25% chance, npc null say 50% chance of asset safety, lowsec 75%… sort of the higher the sec status the higher the chance of asset safety i guess… probably too many computations tbh.

But you have three whole timers to defend and if need be, evac. Is this not enough?


Two timers, shield has no timer. Which if done right can be only 48 hours from first shield attack to hull timer.

theres the time it takes to get to 94% shield and the time it takes to form :wink:

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You were talking about time to evacuate. 48 hours is not a reasonable time for every single individual or even a reasonable portion of a busy structure to be able to get their assets out.
That’s two days of work plus a night that isnt free or a short weekend trip somewhere.

Sure you might get in an hour before the hull tine if lucky. But that’s not enough for an evacuation.

Dont anchor it if you cant handle it.

Difference between handling it at a corp level and an individual level. The individual who is simply making use of the structure is who asset safety is for.
They may not even be part of the owning corp.

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I dont understand, whats your point?

Bearing in mind theres no asset safety in wormholes i dont see the relevance.

The point is that asset safety is needed in null. Wh dont form markets due to lack of customers. Null you dont have that issue so totally different situation.

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so… you think null shouldnt have risk?

and you dont see that as an issue?

were you playing the game when people used pos’s?

You mean when they didnt use pos but ran everything out of stations and outpost offices with only the job materials at risk. Exactly like at present.
Or are you trying to talk about pre outpost when pos dps and ehp was actually a huge pile and could defend itself against the attackers fleet because fleets were only 10 man cruisers most.of the time.

No one was running 1000 people out of a pos, ever.

I dunno… I think asset safety should be a % of items randomly selected. Loot fairy of course has final say on what explodes vs what is collected, but assuming you combine both what drops and what blows up as “drops”:

WH, 100% drops, 0% asset safety
NullSov, 75% drops, 25% asset safety
NPCnull, 50% drops, 50% asset safety
Lowsec, 25% drops, 75% asset safety
HS, 0% drops, 100% safety

I agree with @Lugburz that risk should be inherent to reward. If you want to seed a market, be ready to take your medicine. What is their risk right now? There isn’t one. Literally worst case they ship it back to Jita and sell it at a trivial loss. Plenty of reward, but we’re missing the risk.

If you’re using a structure that you aren’t affiliated with, that’s on you. If you are affiliated with it, then I guess you’d better hope dudes show up to help defend it if you can’t evac in time.

Do you have any idea how much conflict this would generate? Obviously a few months of warning to players (maybe even longer) so they have time to get their ■■■■ together, but once the change gets implemented, nullsov powerblocs would be chomping at the bit to inherit each other’s assets. Greed is a universal constant of Eve.


Rather than edit again…

Imagine how many capital stockpiles would be well and truly ■■■■■■ if they didn’t get evacced in time? This would have extraordinary and far-reaching effects on null campaigns. Hell, powerblocs could pay out a percentage of firesales to their membership.

You want to see dudes turn up to a structure bash? Tell them they’re gonna get paid for it. They’ll dock up their rorquals and supers (or jump them into the fight for luls) and start shooting things.

You want to see dudes turn up to defend a structure? Tell them that in 48 hours their ■■■■’s 75% gone if they don’t show up. You can justify a lot of lossmails, when you know that losing the structure will cost your membership more. Undock and fight is all of a sudden a MUCH more attractive option than “shug, blueball them because we may lose”.

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Asset safety should be for players who are taking extended breaks from the game IMO that being said; Asset safety should work opposite how it works currently, plus some extra deterrent so it doesn’t get abused.

You should have to pay a fee (a % of the value of your assets) and wait a week or two for assets to be transferred to the nearest NPC station capable of handling you assets.