Asset safety is broken

TIL it will cost you 15% of the items value that is moved to asset safety if the station it is moved to is not in the same system. This is broken!

It means that little to noone is going to use Upwell structures in systems that do not already have an NPC station. I thought the whole point of upwell structures was to “colonize” space. To allow players to colonize systems that did not already have stations. Certainly this aspect is removed from the game when it costs 15% of all assets value to be recovered if they were in a structure in a system that does not have an NPC station. Sad!

edit I really wish i found this out before re-activating my subscription. I have some important blueprints locked in asset safety now and its going to cost a fortune to recover them and the rest of my stuff is in a player structure in a system that does not have a NPC station so ultimately i risk having it all moved to the system next door and charged 15% on it. That is ■■■■■■ up.

If this is intended to somehow nerf 0.0 upwell structures they should change it so that assets moved from an upwell structure in Empire space is never charged 15% to be recovered.

You can move it to another structure within the same system.

But if there is no NPC station or any other structure then you should be happy, that it didn’t destroy it all.

Read more about it here.

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Asset Safety is working as intended, nothing broken, that’s the risk of using Upwell Structures. Had you been keeping up with all the updates you’d not be in this situation. If you do not want your assets to be moved to lowsec you can have it delivered in the same (origin) system for the cost of 0.5% of the value.


Had you been keeping up with all the updates you’d not be in this situation.

Wow i am going to cancel my subscription immediately if that is the official response to a returning player.

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Can I have your stuff?


I agree. It should just drop everything to the guys who went troght the trouble of destroying your station.


You chose to leave the game, and not keeping yourself updated on what’s happening, all these change were announced with months in advance. it’s be a few years now…

EVE is ever changing, even when you were playing it, and now you expect it to be exactly as when you left it ? talk about double moral, you want all the good changes but none of the negatives that goes along with them.


That is the official response to EVERY player.

So if the official response is :

"well yeah the game has been this way for some time and we can’t be expected to spoon feed you everything. We provided several development blogs over the course of several months, but if you have not utilized this handy service to educate yourself about recent game changes there’s little we could really have done to teleport this information into your head psychically"

… you do not consider that a reasonable response?

I think it’s safe to say that short of reverting this particular change to keep you’re little cotton socks happy, the devs have done all they really can to help ease you into this new environment. Things change. Put your toys back in the pram.

But instead of doing that smart thing, you just jumped right in fully expecting everything to be the same as when you last played. That just sounds silly doesn’t it? In a game that is famously updated several times a year with new features and systems. And to compound this by accusing OTHERS of being foolish is really the icing on the cake.

15% of your great fortune is probably not worth this much whining.


Bye :raising_hand_man:


You imply that structures were good changes. :roll_eyes: Hint: They were not at all.

Sorry i just cant help it. You are really stupid. Ive been going in and out of eve online for many years. Never have i had to pay ISK to get my stuff. This is a significant change and if CCP doesent expect players to be upset about this they truly are incompetent. Thats all im gonna say. Have a nice day.

Don’t let the airlock hatch hit you on the way out.

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Don’t let the clone vat door hit your behind on your way out. :wink: Bai o/

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Never have i had to pay ISK to get my stuff.

No that’s because you’ve never before been able to get your stuff at all. When you lost a POS, you lost everything in it. Now, we have asset safety, which costs a whole helluva lot less than replacing everything from scratch. HTFU.

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So you dont think Asset Safety is broken? Let me tell you how it works:

If your stuff is in a station in a system that has a NPC station asset safety costs 0.5% when you recover it.
If the stuff is in a station ina system that does not have a NPC station, even if it just moved to the system next door, it costs 15%. Borked as ■■■■. I dont care what you say.

You don’t need to tell me how it works. I already know. I’ve known since it was implemented, because I keep myself up-to-date with changes to the game. It’s working as intended.

If you think its working as intended please explain what the intention is

You didn’t get it. Your structure was destroyed. End of story.

Asset Safety is merely a soft option to dampen the loss. Did you really think you could just leave anything of any value all safe at a destructible station?

I bet your tantrum was planned and you already knew it before you came here, realized all that you had lost, and only came back to make a scene.

You’ve been playing EVE since 2009 and you sit in your own corp and want others to believe that you had no idea this could happen. Who do you expect to believe you?