Rebalance asset safety

Hey. There are some problems with asset safety as far as i can see. First of all it doesent send you an email if you have items about to go into asset safety. This would be a nice feature since apparantly there is a timer where if you dont act it will just move your things for you and possibly slap a 15% fee on it. Not cool.

  1. No asset safety in 0.0
  2. Asset safety in low sec costs 15% retrieval fee if used
  3. Asset safety in high.sec costs 0.5% if used

The way it works now is that asset safety doesent care about the security status of the system which wrong imo. People in high sec should not have to pay the same fee as people in low and null sec imo. It makes no sense.

If fees in highsec was reduced you are going to see players spread out more. Notice how structures in Avesber and Austraka are not victim of any upkeep - this is because these systems does not have an NPC station so if asset safety is activated items are moved next door and slapped a 15% fee on it. However, if the system DID have a NPC station asset safety would move the stuff to it and the fee would only be 0.5%.

So there is definitely a limiting factor in the way that asset safety is currently designed. It prevents people from colonizing high sec systems with no NPC stations and that kind of defeats the purpose of Upwell structures imo.

inb4lock you just won’t stop with this will you?


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@Wesfahrn stop reopening your discussion about Assets Safety. Closed.

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