Asset Safty Question

How much does it cost to assest safty stuff? I have some stuff stuck in low sec that I would like to asset safty to high sec.

Is assest safty figured by the m3 or total value or by jumps or what?

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Won’t work, you only can asset safety to the closest stations. Unless your lowsec has no NPC station and is surrounded by highsec, your stuff will end in lowsec anyway.

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Pony up the ISK for Push/Black Frog

I priced Black Frog and it looks like 250M isk at a minimum for 7 jumps. I will just leave the ships in low sec and do without them.

Wait for a good wormhole connection and evacuate. I‘ve done that a couple times with my freighter. :slight_smile:

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I often find pushx to be cheaper. Give them a check too, remember you only need to go so far as a highsec connection if you’re worried about hauling them through low yourself.

A number of high-tank options are definitely available, to make ganking you in highsec less likely.

if you contract to me I’ll move them for you and contract back


Lol let me be the first person to ANSWER your question after 10 days. (Way to Go UnCommunity!!)

It’s .5% tax on anything being asset safety’d in system to a station or free if from one citadel to another in the same system.
It’s 15% tax on anything that leaves system cause there are no stations or citadels you have access too in the same system. The asset safety will pick the closest low sec station by distance not jumps. After the asset safety starts you may have options to redirect to a few other location, but not always.

Hope that helps.

PS Value is calculated by average market value of items so the ebb and flow of the markets will make tax amount you pay vary. Same values they average in your hanger bay bottom right.

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…you do realize that you can’t (typically) asset safety to HS, right?

That the actual answer to his question was literally in the very first post?


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