Returning after a few years


I have logged in for the first time in ages a lot of my stuff is stuck in 0.0 outposts. I am aware asset safety exists and can be used to extract the stuff but I have never used it.

I read that after 20 days, things I put in asset safety will be moved to the closest station. I assume that means closest NPC station? Lowsec or 0.0? I also suppose there is no way to move the stuff from 0.0 to a highsec station using asset safety?

Correct as it would be moved to the nearest NPC station in LS. I suggest using a shipping service to move it out from LS if you can afford it.

GL and welcome back!

Also, you will need to travel to the lowsec station where Interbus delivers your goods and pay the 15% fee to release them from asset safety before you can create the contract to have Black Frog or similar hauling firm transport them to highsec.

The contracts will need to fit in a jump freighter 300K m3. Black Frog have a rate calculator

I have decided to try to sell most of the stuff locally and will move some other stuff to asset safety and then let the professionals deal with it ^^

Thanks everyone

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How do I open asset safety wraps? I have a bunch in a station but I can’t seem to do anything with them.

right click on the can where there are, if i remember correctly

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