Safety Asset

Can someone tell me the quirks of safety asset? I understand it puts stuff in to “nearest” low-sec system? I assume you can’t control where it goes. If your station gest blown up and yer not in the ship

I see when I right click an “asset” it says send to safety…would that send a ship in a remote station to the nearest low sec? Could I redirect it “where I want” once it was done? Ie, is this a way to retrieve your ships you can’t get to any more?

What if it’s a capital or super cap? Would it safety asset to null-sec to a station that it oculdn’t even normally dock at? If yes, then what would happen from there/ Could you have it re-shipped where you need it to go and what % would it charge you to unpackage it? hmmmm confusing

Asset safety - EVE University Wiki read through this, it may answer your questions.


Ok for some reason I thought I was able to “redirect” it to a low sec system of my choice, but it looks like if I asset it in null it’ll go to nearest. and once it’s there it’s there. I think what I had experienced was that first 5 day option that lets you put it back to your original system, so officially you can’t ‘move’ it once it is put at the nearest low-sec station from 0.0 space

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