Can't access items that were moved via Asset Safety

So I returned to Eve after about a 2 year hiatus and found all my assets moved to various low-sec stations in wrapped containers as part of the Asset Safety mechanism. The problem is I can’t get to any of the items. I’ve docked at several of the stations where my Personal Assets say I have these containers, I can view what’s in them, but I have no way of getting access to them. I can’t left click, right click, drag to station inventory, or anything.

Before I open a support ticket I want to make sure I’m not missing something here.

You need to go to the stations and when you in the stations you need to open the Inventory and use the Delivery option to access the containers.

It’s amazing that CCP forces people to use the annoying Inventory when the containers could just be in the item hangar.

Ok thanks. I think I’m going to have to open a ticket, because the thing is these containers don’t appear in the Safety tab and therefore I don’t have a delivery option, but inside them I can see all the assets I had a few years ago in Null.

Thanks again for explaining at least how it “should” be working.

That’s the thing. After the 20 days they are no longer listed in the Safety tab in the Asset window. You find them in the Inventory window (Alt C on standard keyboard layout) under Deliveries if you are in the respective station, which you only find in the Asset window in the normal region/all/system tabs.


Last person was wrong. You just need to drag the item into your hangar. I just did it with an old warrior 2 that i had in a citadel in hisec, just drag and drop into my hangar, it charged me for the isk, and then its there.

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