Item in assets

looking for some info I seem to have an item in my personal assets list with a label of system and a citadel name. I assume it was moved with asset safety as the citadel it ladled after no longer exists, however It dose not appear in the safety tab under personal assets and Is not present in the station hanger at the location it was moved to how dose one get access to it?

That’s CCP Quality Coding. Once Asset Safety ran its course and the 20 days are over, the entry vanishes from the AS tab and you have this box in your regular region/system/station tab.

You have to physically go to the station and open the container. But wait: The container is not in your hangar. Instead, it is only available in the Inventory window in the Safety section.

that is indeed the case here is a screen shot of me in the station where it supposed to be with the personal assets tab open show my ship in same location as container as well as the item hanger on the right show empty

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