Asset Safety Wrap - how to access

Someone blew up a station I had my stuff in and now my stuff has been transferred to another station in system. So I can see the Asset Safety Wrap in my assets folder but according to the Eve wiki I should be able to view the contents by clicking on the “arrow icon to the left of the wrap”. It also says that there should be a number to the right of the wrap indicating how many items are there.

Neither is present and I am unable to view the contents of the wrap.

Any suggestions? Has the behavior changed since the wiki was made and it just hasn’t been updated?


Go to the station it was asset safety too, and look at inventory.

It will appear along with ships and items

Yeh but it says it should be in my asset list. I was wondering if it was a bug.
I am not going to visit the site at the moment as there is a lot of ganking going on while everyone else is getting there stuff too.

asset safety is not instant, if it just happened you’ll have to wait 5 days before it is available.

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