Asset Safety Wrap?

While checking my assets, I noticed a canister icon listed in a High Sec station. That item is listed as:

Name = ‘Tongofur - The Tanch’
Group = Miscellaneous
Volume = 1 m3

I right-clicked it thinking I could select ‘View contents’ and only got these 3 options in the menu:
Show Info - Add To Market Quickbar - Trash It.

I selected ‘Show Info’ which opened a box with the description - Asset Safety Wrap.

I checked the ‘Safety’ tab in Assets window which is empty. I then traveled to the station where the item was listed and docked only to find there’s nothing in the station yet the item is still listed in my assets.

I basically have no idea what it is or how to access it. I don’t want to ‘Trash It’ without first seeing what’s inside it.

Any ideas on this issue?

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I bet it’s a Corvette.

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There is a Corvette listed in the assets for that station along with the ship I used to get there.

Station assets shows 3 items, my ship, the Corvette and that can icon.

thrash the corvette, worked for me.

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The Corvette is fully assembled and equipped with the usual civilian mods.

Not sure how Safety Assets works but I would think the ship and mods would be in the can, not sitting in the ship hangar fully assembled.

OK, I just r-clicked the can icon listed in station tab of assets and selected ‘Trash It’ which then removed the can icon.

1 m3 volume isn’t very much.

@Phoebe_Obray thanks for the help.

You know what would be nice? The option to sell safety wraps on the contracts market, or transfer to another player.

I have quite a few things in safety from nullsec, including a carrier. I refuse to pay that release fee, so it’s just sitting there.

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It took me a while too to figure out how it works.

When your in the station, it’s in a separate ‘hanger’. I forgot the name of it. You can then drag the “safety wrap” to your regular ‘hanger’, and the contents will be transferred. It usually requires paying a fee.

The whole process is so clumsy and counterintuitive, I battled with it again the second time around, and will probably be puzzled again next time :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, it’s definitely confusing, especially when seeing the container listed in the assets station tab when there’s no can showing in the station items hangar.

Before I posted this thread, I checked support for info and needless to say it didn’t explain any reason for the issue presented in this thread.

The only thing I can think of is maybe I had already redeemed it in the past which might explain why it wasn’t listed in the Assets ‘Safety’ tab. However that doesn’t explain why it was still listed in the Assets ‘Station’ tab.

I find it is possible to see what’s in asset safety via evemon (or some other means of querying the appropriate endpoint)

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You have to go to the station and open it to look at whats inside.

Its your fault for forgetting what you had and where.

Keep better track of your inventory.

Dude, learn how to read the entire OP first before posting your snide negative remarks.

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Since apparently no one is smart enough to figure this out…

There is already a way to view the contents of an Asset Safety Wrap. You just need to look at it via the ‘Search’ tab in your Assets.

The item doesn’t appear in your Station Inventory, It’ll appear at the bottom of your Inventory Index window.


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Sorry I assumed you knew how the basics of asset safety worked, since you arent new and have been here for a while.

Will lower my expectations next time.

I just had this took some helpful people in HELP channel in game to explain what it is/was (the search doesn’t show its contents) or not at least 36 jumps from where my pod was.

From my understanding because the initial item wasn’t claimed in 20 days from the station going pop (1536 days ago) its cost me 20% isk value of its contents to claim the items back. (you cant pick and choose either).

It will have the name of the station prior to it going pop too. It had some random name XXX-XX - bope owned. I found out bope owned was the stations name. It wasn’t called that when my old corp. owned it which threw me.

There doesn’t seem to be a time limit either, that I have seen on going to claim it.

It cost me 2.7bill+ to get my items out of it. But everything that was in the station that clearly no longer exists was in the container. So anyone want to purchase 21 carriers in 0.4 space?

I have containers that I cant afford too. I only came back to the game with ¬35bill. :frowning:

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