Asset Safety

So I am trying to figure out asset safety. Having been in a rookie corp that engages in a lot of wars I have stuff in 0.0 spread all over the place.

Looking in the “asset safety” section of my “assets” shows nothing. Yet, looking at my assets I see system names in low sec that have 1m3 containers that when I “show info” tell me that it is asset safety wrap. Yet in some others I have actual ships (don’t recall ever being to these systems).

Question group 1- What are the containers? Are their just items in there or can there be ships as well?

Question group 2- How do I recover these items? Must I go there personally? Can I transfer ownership of these items somehow, remotely, and have an alt go grab my stuff? What screen do I look in to see the fine assessed on my items?

Thank you in advance for your time

Use the Search tab in your Assets window to look inside them.

It’s whatever existed in the citadel immediately before being Asset Safety’d. If you had ships in it, then the wrap will have ships in it.



You can’t see it until you go to the actual station and attempt to withdraw the asset from the wrap. You’ll pay a percentage of the item(s) you pull out, and if you don’t care about some of them, you can just withdraw the ones you want and trash the rest of the wrap.


everything that is in AS


no, because asset safety fee.

evemon displays what it contains

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To further clarify: the Asset Safety tab of your Asset window is only populated when items are in the ‘transfer limbo’ after citadel destruction but before delivery to the NPC station. Once the items are delivered into an Asset Safety Wrap, they fall off the Asset Safety tab.


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