Possessions from defunct citadel

I got a letter from DED telling me that citadel i had some belongins in is not functional anymore and that items are in safe deposit for some days, and i can retrieve them within several days or they will be automatically moved to a station in another system and i can get items back later (?)

The thing is… how can i know what exactly those items are? In “my belongings” menu i can see what i have on each station here and there, but because items are not on structure anymore, there is an entry in “safe…” tab that tells me something, but it doesnt tell me what exact items i have. Eeeeeeh?

I’m far away currently and won’t go in those systems without knowing that it worth it (maybe its just rookieship there in items)…

Wait for the auto delivery to complete (or deliver them manually after that 5 day initial period), and then you can use the Search tab in the Assets window to look into what the Asset Safety wraps contain.


I see. Thanks!

Open your Assets window and look under the “Safety” tab

It doesn’t show item contents, only system coordinates and timers for delivery. (5 and 18 days or something like that)

once assets have been put into safety, after 5 days you’ll be able to manually have it moved to any station you have access to, by docking there and reclaim them from safety, if that does not happen the assets will automatically be moved to a station in lowsec (or HS if activated from HS), as explained in this article:

It should still be possible for you to see your assets amongst all your other, if they are not listed under “safety”, under either the origin or the destination station.

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