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I’m coming back to eve after a year. Now my corp is dead. We were in null sec. My stuff is in a station (not a citadel) that now belong to an other corp. It seems that the owner of the station «don’t like me» it seems that i cant do anyhing in this station. Even if i want to undock, i wont be able to redock. So basically, im freaking stuck there.

I know i could sell my stuff or contract it for courrier.

Some people talked about the safety assets mechanics. This summer, ccp planned to transform stations in null sec. Is this true ?

my second questions is : will I be able to use the safety assets mechanics eventually to take back my stuff from this station to an npc station in high sec when the «change» will be made this summer ?

i have like 30 billion isk of worth in this null sec station. If I cant take it back eventually, it may be my death in eve online. I’m very discourage to come back if i’m forced to sell it :frowning:

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CCP stated they want to turn player constructed outposts in sovereignty null sec into faction Fortizar structures, yes. CCP also moved this conversion from Winter 2017/18 to Summer 2018. It remains to be seen whether they will manage to pull it off in summer.
Yes, you then can use asset safety to move all your assets to the closest low sec station from that null sec outpost. If you really have 30B+ of assets in these locations, you better make sure that you have a big wallet because the asset safety costs 15% of the item value.

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Don’t hold your breath, there is no confirmed date yet, when the conversion happens. What about joining the current owner (optional with an alt) and courier or ship your stuff out? Also you can check whether black frog has the owner’s station whitelisted for contracts. If this does not help, you can try a public contract and posting in haulers channel, people are helpful there.

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thanks for your help !

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Hello and welcome back to Eve.

Since you’ve been out of the game for a year or more, I’m surprised nobody mentioned submitting a Support Ticket and politely ask CCP for a one time move of your character with one ship and all the cargo it can hold to a friendly location.

Course all the rest of your stuff will need to be sold or shipped out. Good luck and may you have much success with the relocation.

I removed an off topic post.

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