Need information on june station changes

So i hear that ccp plan on turning null sec station into citadels that players can take down? From what I have read this mean all my items get put into asset safety and I am going to get hit by 15% vaule of items charge just get them out again? This going to cost me almost 1bil isk and I dont have that much isk to throw around just get my items back.

You can get them out at any time, if you can dock. They go to asset safety only in case the owner unanchors it or it gets destroyed. If you have access to another citadel in the same system it will cost only 0.5% of the value. Also you can get your stuff out one by one, so you can sell some to pay the bill for the rest.

They are only converting outposts and conquerable stations, NPC stations remain unaffected and as mentioned above, asset safety only applies if you manually move them to it or the station is unanchored/destroyed

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