Outpost conversion and asset safety questions

I checked on some stuff today. It is all in a station in nullsec. I used the ‘all assets’ or ‘all inventory’ or whatever it is. The stuff is listed as being there. But when I right-clicked on the inventory slot, it offered an option to move the stuff to asset safety.

I’ll have to confirm whether this is an actual station, or an upwell structure. I think it is a station. Either way, why do I have this option? If it is a station, it is perhaps due to the outpost conversion. But if so, what does this mean? Does it mean the outpost was unachored by its new owners? If that is the case, why show my assets as being there at all, and why give the option to move to asset safety when apparently there is no other option except to do that (i.e. there is no option at all)?

If it’s an upwell structure, what does this option mean? If the structure was blown up, how is it that my stuff is still listed as being there? And why would there be an option when in fact there is no option to get the stuff (if the place has been blown to smithereens) except through asset safety? And if it hasn’t been blown up, then why is the option there?

You need to carefully differentiate between stations, former outposts and citadels. A station is now exclusively an NPC held structure. Outposts were player constructed stations and are now all exclusively Upwell structures.
Stations do not offer Asset Safety, only Upwell structures do. If you have the option “Move to Asset Safety”, your items are located in an Upwell structure.

This option means nothing really. You can move all your assets in an Upwell structure to asset safety at any time regardless of the state of the structure. Only once the structure got destroyed or unanchored, the items will go automatically into Asset Safety. (Unless you are in wormhole space, then you don’t have Asset Safety.)

Yes, Asset Safety is your only option to get your assets back if an Upwell structure was destroyed or unanchored. Since former outposts now faction Fortizars cannot yet be unanchored, you could theoretically ask for docking rights and try to retrieve your assets this way. However, since your assets are most likely in hostile structure, this is either unlikely to happen or you get shot dead when you undock again.

This thing was (and perhaps still is) a hostile structure where I had no docking rights to get my stuff. What happens if I move it to asset safety? I can have it automatically moved to lowsec or something like that?

That is correct. Once in Asset Safety, 5 days later you can move the items to a structure in system or an NPC station in nearby low sec (nearby is relative and does not necessarily mean by gate jumps). That’s the entire point of AS.

In your case after doing asset safety you have to wait twenty days to have the option to move it to the nearest low sec system to where the item is located. If I understand it correctly of course…

I did one about 20 days ago as a test and I have the option to deliver the items to NPC stations in the same system NPC 0.0 system but in 2h 21 minutes it can deliver the items to a lowsec station.

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