Returning player, left in 2016 what happened to 0.0 stuff

Hello there
As stated in topic title i left in 2016, i’m coming back to check a little bit the game

My main questIon is : When i left, i had a lot of stuff spread out in a lot of stations in various Region in 0.0, some were in “conquerable station” and some in player built station.
As far as i remember neither the conquerable nor the player built stations could be destroyed, does this have changed ? or does mechanism have change that made that all my stuff in some station have been looted or destroyed while i was off the 5 last years ?



Thanks for the quick head up, but then when they are destroyed and i bet that since 2018 most have been… what happen that all the items stored in them ?

Iirc , at that time , any assets from destroyed or unanchored faction citadels were placed into asset safety.

After that, came a period when CCP modified asset safety , so any Upwell structure that was without fuel , reinforced and destroyed dropped the loot…

all upwell structures, are able to be destroyed, and any items are placed in asset safety. if the old stations were packed up and moved (could they be moved like upwell?) then your stuff would have been moved to asset safety possibly.

fast forward, any upwell structure that has sat without fuel for a certain amount of months can be destroyed and loot dropped.

Ok well bad gameplay idea, as i bet many people lost lot of stuff and left the game
It seems to explain that i was surprised not to find some of my stuff, which is very… unpleasant to say the less
Which left me wondering…

What was a more bad gameplay idea is having indestructible player built stations that kept being spammed until every system had one.

Even under the new rules it’s pretty hard to lose stuff. You get warnings in advance. There are several timers before the structure dies that you can defend or get stuff out. Then you get asset safety by simply fueling the structure so you don’t even lose your stuff in most cases even when the station is destroyed. Etc.

Also you are in control of when you quit or take a break from Eve so you can move your stuff prior to leaving if you care.

Why should the game not progress just in case someone who quit years ago might come back and not like the changes?


There is a difference between progress and bad gameplay progress you know

Your stuff is safe somewhere.

Outposts were turned into special faction Upwell structures that can never lose asset safety. So your stuff is either still in the replacement structure, or was moved to lowsec when the replacement structure was unanchored or destroyed.

Look in the “Safety” tab in your Personal Assets window.

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