Can't find items that were in player owned station

I logged back in after a long hiatus and one of the stations that had been in the highsec system I was in had disappeared.
It was a player owned station (not a little pos but a citadel I guess) but it had better ore refining than the NPC station.

Now I logged in and there is only one station in the system and it is not the one that had my stuff in it.
Is it all gone or is there a way to find it?

Most likely either the structure was destroyed, and all the loot dropped (due to new mechanics that put a citadel in abandoned mode when no fuel source). So when an abandoned structure is destroyed loot drops.

2nd scenario, the citadel was destroyed while still in use and your stuff is in asset safety.

There is nothing in asset safety.
I guess I just have to congratulate the new owners then

Had the same thing happen to me. Mountains of tII production materials and my whole library of researched module blueprints gone.

Not a bad haul for the station owner :sunglasses:

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