Lost items

Im a returning player, what in the world is this? i used to have items in null sec now this shows up

At a guess i would say that was old items you had that are now in asset safety because a structures was destroyed


That’s asset safety. When a citadel dies, and asset safety is active. (Not abandoned) the items in your hanger will be moved to the nearest NPC station.

All you need to do is fly to the station. Pay the fee by moving the items out of the asset safety hanger and you can use the stuff again.

Consult google/YouTube for more information :slight_smile:


Welcome back!

The structures in HED-GP and GE-8JV are no more, so your items from those structures have been moved to a low sec ‘asset safety station’ where you can go and pay a fee to recover your items if you want.


Ahh, the old HED-GP, so many warm memories destroying bills worth of haulers and ships. I was one on the people seeing the anchoring of first player made station in HED-GP after dt when player built stations were introduced years and years ago.

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