Items stuck in station

Good evening.

When I last played, I was in a corporation that had a structure. A year after stopping play, I’m back.

Someone else owns the structure and I do not have docking privileges. However, I have 192 items in the structure. I’ve tried emailing to obtain docking privileges with no response.

Any way I can get these items back?

Asset safety, and itll be moved to a npc station.


as said Geo
open your assets window
right click on the structure
→ send to asset safety
items will be moved after a while to the closest npc station
but to redeem them from asset safety in NPC station you will pay a tax (some % of the total value)


Another option, depending where and who owns it, you might be able to create a contract and have pushx or redfrog to haul it out.

Have you thought about creating a new char to try to join that corp?

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