Items stuck at refinery

So if the station where my items are won’t allow me to dock then there is no way to get my stuff?

If so, that’s nuts and needs to be fixed somehow.

Surely there is a way…

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Is it a player owned station?

Complex math is back?!

Hello :wave:

Yea it is

So you have two options:

  1. Reach out to the station owner and see if they will give you docking access (not guaranteed to work, but costs you nothing)
  2. Put your items into asset safety, which moves them to a nearby NPC station (guaranteed to work, but you’ll have to pay a % of your item value)

I recommend that you try #1 first, and the do #2 as a fallback.

Try again…

You should have access now. :slight_smile: Get your goodies out. Asset Safety sucks.


I did get it, thanks and sent you a thank you as well

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