Can not dock

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Hi everybody.
Guys, I have some assets at one of player owned structure (in particular - Raitaru) at Jurlesel system.
I am trying to dock, but receiving following message - ‘Your docking request has been denied’.
I warped to 0 to the structure - it is still on place and there is countdown timer which show 'Secure: XXh YYm ZZs’
By the way - it disappeared from solar system’s structures list, I just was able to warp there through assets list.
What does it mean? How can I get inside to pickup my staff?

Thanks in advance for answer!

(Ag3nt Jita) #2

You were locked out of the station. Most likely the owner made it private.

EDIT: Try to contact the owner corp!

(QuakeGod) #3

Long story short, don’t ever store anything of value in a citadel that you don’t personally own…

(Buggs LeRoach) #4

you can get your stuff moved out through asset recovery …

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