Assets blocked in a station


Long story short, ive stopped playing eve a few months ago due to RL reasons and at that time i was in null sec and was a member of a corporation that owned a few stations there.

Since then that Corp moved from that space or something and someone else took over.
I re-subbed yesterday and noticed I was unable to dock at the station where I have a large portion of my assets.

I got in touch with the people that own that place now but they refused my access for whatever reason and now im in null, drifting around space while my assets are blocked in that station…

Is there a way for me to recover that somehow? This post is made in somewhat of a desperation tbh, i doubt there is a way for anyone here to help me but here’s hoping … maybe you guys have some ideas i’ve missed.

There are a number of options I think.

1: Firesale everything in the station from space (assuming it is a normal station with a market place and not a citadel that doesnt have a market)
2: Do you have a clone in that station? if so jump to it, do not undock and try the sell the stuff off that way.
3: Ask CCP to move it, they may not do so but if you are returning they may move it all out to high sec.
4. see if you can join that corp, or another corp they are blue to (they will have docking rights i assume) and stay there or move the stuff out.

That is all I can think of currently.

  1. Its a normal station that has a market … I guess this might be a way “out” but ill be losing a lot of money and i just dunno who the hell is gonna be buying all that stuff all the way out there.

  2. I do not have a clone in there.

  3. I was thinking of doing that but then came across this :

Idk how much luck ill have there :frowning:

  1. joining those guys is not possible and i doubt joining their friends is doable either since it appears its some sort of chinese alliance thing … i barely found a dude that spoke some english.

ouch, that seems to be a case of rock and hard place you find yourself in.

There doesn’t seem to be many options available to you then. You cannot dock nor jump clone there. You cannot join them or their friends (although maybe look into that in more depth as you never know, you may find an english speaking corp in their alliance, check them out on evewho.

but if you cannot join them or access your stuff then the only real option is to leave it there and check periodically to see if that station changes hands again and then try all of the previously mentioned things again.

Well darn … this really sucks.

I guess ill start by looking at their friends …

I seriously never expected this when I moved some of my things in there. Kinda regret ever moving to null now, all that work for nothing.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Yeah if you have to leave game in a hurry then it can be a pain, if you had the time back before you left should have just contracted it to whoever did your logisitcs to move out.

in fact that gives me an idea you could create a public courier contract and paste the link in local when ever you see someone, as long as you put a decent collateral on it then someone may move it. it may cost you a decent amount to move out though.

Im not sure how much in asset you have but say it is 1b estiamted, put up a public courier to jita, put the collateral at 1.5b and pay say 100m reward

so for 100m you may get your stuff back or if they lose it or try and keep it you can claim the 1.5b collateral.


email the ceo of the corp (or other corps in the alliance) to ask if they will courier it out via a contract and as long as you do a collateral covering the price you should be OK either way

out of interest who is the corp that owns the station your stuff is in

The corp in question is this : STARCHASER Inc.

Ive checked their friends, all chinese.

Ill have to make an estimate of the value of my stuff in there and try with a courier, im a bit skeptic but who knows

nothing to lose really, use evepreaisal to estiamte the value… not sure about fitted ships though, they may be an issue even if someone was willing and i am unsure if you can repackage from space.

if all that fails you only optin is keep it there and hope it changes hands.

one of them has a diplomat listed, maybe worth a go

Yeah i was looking at him earlier … how do you think i should approach him? Tell him from the get go why i would like to join his corp or something or pretend i want to be a member because reasons ? :slight_smile:

without knowing how the guy is in r/l its difficult to judge, he has a 5 sec status though so possibly a carebear.

if it were me, I would draft an email giving the truth and maybe offer a number of options. assuming you can repackage the ships from space then do that and ask if they would be kind enough to courier it out to ANY high sec and that your willing to pay for it

Or get an estimated value from evepraisal and ask if someone would be willing to buy it (they may try and take advantage of your situation though)

maybe ask him for temp docking rights so you can sort out your stuff, although if you have a large number of ships you still have the issue of getting it out so really they need to buy it, or they need to courier it for you

So, ive done the praisal thing and i have more stuff there than I thought … what a horrible situation.

Hey, what happens if you repackage a ship with modules fitted to it? I know rigs are lost but what about normal modules?

I’ve got some really expensive stuff in some of those ships (the number of ships isnt that high, i probably have about 5-6 ships in there and nothing bigger than a cruiser) and if repackaging them means losing all the fittings then repackaging is out of the question.

I think repackaging a ship means the modules go to the hanger unpackaged as does the ship and the rigs are lost.

I would need to test that though to be100% sure, but i am at work on my phone atm so cannot test yet.

I see, well, ill test it myself, i got some cheap ships in there with cheap modules that im not affraid to lose and yes, i can repackage from space

Altho its downtime now so ill check that later.

In the meantime ill start “drafting” that mail and see if it works

I just looked on dotlan and surrounding them they have groups like fraternity and other entities, all all fails with the guy you speak to, they maybe all blue to eachtother, maybe see if there is english speaking corp in amongst those and then see if you can move the stuff out, or you may like it and want to stay there

Right … well its worth a shot, thanks!

You’re welcome, good luck. let us know how it goes.

You’re not the first I’ve seen saying exactly that. A friend of mine was enticed into moving to an alliance’s pad in null, and then when there was a falling out, the corp peremptorily locked her out, which I think is a despicably spiteful thing to do (and refusing you the opportunity to retrieve your goodies I think is equally malicious.) She was lucky that someone within that corp was friendly and kind enough to buy up the locked stuff (though I suspect probably not at full value - still, cut the loss somewhat.)

I know this is of no help, and even less consolation, at this time, but I think the moral of the story here is: don’t trust player-owned facilities. I won’t even leave a ship parked at a player-owned station overnight - you can’t depend on humans… :S

Best of luck!

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Well now i know this as well!

This was my first real null sec experience, ive dabbled with it before but not on this level. I moved a lot of stuff in there but I never expected this outcome.

Anyway, now i know. I will probably “dabble” with null again in the future but im sure as hell not gonna keep my stuff anywhere near player stations anymore.

I find it quite bizarre the fact that they wont allow me to take my stuff … like why.

AFK / cloak / hellcamp them…
And tell them up front they have a choice in this mather.

Until they pay you for leaving, and deliver your items, with a extra bribe… in Highsec …

Be creative, be the mean bastard.

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