I'm officially out - Thank you EVE


Eve has been my game and place since 2004 when I entered the game, I’m already 18 years old ingame. Until now.

On the 22th of Jun, inside a small structure communication that doesn’t make the UI blink, I received a message “Your assets located in a structure are at risk”. Today, 27th of June, all the assets, BPOs, materials, ships, unique items, and everything that I possessed and collected since 2004 have gone.

Forever gone, like me from the game.
Best to everyone, goodbye.


Did it not show as part of the count on the blue tag on the comms button? :thinking:

Also some ancient Mesopotamian wisdom about having all your internet space pixels in one basket comes to mind. :stuck_out_tongue:


Goodbye darling
good luck with your new endeavours

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Well do you even know what happened that caused your assets to be at risk?

Nooo… what happened? Was the structure destroyed? Was your account hacked…?
Wow, that must feel like a punch in the nuts. I feel bad for you. I hope that at least you find out what happened.

Well take care then…


We should require everyone who quits EVE to post a screenshot of their Biomass These people don’t quit lol He will be back

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Not at all. We’ve already had threadnaughts over this. The OP is not at fault because CCP made a promise that players’ assets would be safe when stored inside citadels, and then a few years later created a mechanic that negated said promise. And on top of that, this was only documented in external blogs/patch notes and in the forums/media, with no in-game alerts of any kind sent to players to warn them of what can happen.

CCP ■■■■■■ up pretty massively, or maybe even intentionally, and the fact that this isn’t as big of a deal for the community as it should be is concerning.


I totally agree. However OP doesn’t seem to be about that. At least that is my understanding. As I see OP says a notification was sent in-game, which was not seen because according to OP it did not blink on the UI. Which I find strange.

Although even if it did not specifically blink the UI any notification should show up on the comms button which has the blue tag on it with a white digit showing notification count. At least that was my experience.

This is why I’ve asked if this specific notification did not show up as such (or if OP just ignored it) or whatever else is the case.


There’s no obvious killmail that I see for a destroyed structure on zKill.

Slyce has corps groom different systems, and I doubt they’d let a structure fall to abandon, so my best guess is a structure got unanchored. Even less of a notification if it was a coalition (eg Horde) structure.

Can I have your stuff?

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A 2004 player who puts all their stuff in one structure?

Good riddance.


I’m sorry I’m not familiar with structure mechanics.
What does it do when it gets unanchored and if it wasn’t destroyed why did OP lose all the assets?

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So heartless…

Why should anyone sympathize with a 2004 player?

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According to OP all of it was blown up or stolen already. :stuck_out_tongue:


18 years is a long time for any game. All the best.


Give me your stuff.

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There is NO ‘stuff’, that’s what the thread is actually about.


even wen there is no stuff we still want the stuff


Well, can I have whatever is left of his stuff?


:rofl: Well, you can then pretend you got it. Congratulations!