Haven't played in a while. Everything I left safely logged out in a wormhole is now safely logged out in high sec. Wtf?

Before I retired from EVE last time I played, I built myself an orca in a c1 wormhole (yes built, since you can’t bring one in due to mass limits) and logged out several ships on alt accounts in space. Imagine my surprise when I logged in today to find out that all of the ships I seeded, including the orca, have been moved to high sec!?!

All of my characters are still logged in their ships. Some got moved to Jita while others are displaced in random systems. I’m very confused?

What happened? At this point I am evicted from the wormhole and I can never bring the orca back in, I would need to setup a citadel and construct one…

How long ago did you retire from EVE?

Given the probable length of time you were gone I’d say you’re extremely fortunate to have all of your stuff.

The Asset Safety mechanics are not kind to wormhole dwellers.

I’d suggest opening a support ticket to get a definitive answer.

Hmm that’s the weird thing. I had everything logged out in space and not structure. Not sure what is going on.

Well anyway, I’ll contact support. Thanks

Hence open a support ticket.

I can’t say for sure, but if you were last around prior to the Upwell structures being introduced with the Citadel update there may have been some asset movement by CCP to ensure you wouldn’t be completely frakked when coming back to the game. You could scan through the older patch notes surrounding the release of Citadel.

This is normal.

If you log off in space, after some long period of time you are moved back to your home station by some maintenance script.

Six months? A year? No idea but it has been this way for a very long time. If you don’t want this to happen you need to log in periodically.


Yep. This is normal behaviour. It stops folks getting stuck in WHs forever, and stops people seeding wormholes en masse with alpha spies logged out in safespots at no risk or cost forever.


I learned something new today. Thanks.


Its roughly 6 months I think. Had the same thing happen to a corp member with some high mass objects in a hole it couldn’t jump out of.

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Retired…rather fluid definition of this word.

Put in a help ticket.

Support helped me out. Thanks everyone

So… what’s the explanation?? :grin:

Black Pedro and Brun Warbear explained it. The support ticket is required for getting stuff back to its origin point when moved in this fashion if it cannot traverse the path to its original region (as is the case with the Orca, for example). The same assistance is available when an undocked capital ship that safely logged off in space is warped to highsec by this process - Support can port them back to lowsec to resume normal travel capability.

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So we can have Rorquals in highsec . . .

My stuff was moved because I was gone for too long. Support helped me move back my characters who they were able to verify to have logged out in space

Yes, but they aren’t allowed to do pretty much anything except showoff or mine, and they cannot interact with other players at all (mining command boosts, drones set to assist, etc). There is an entry about it in the Support site.

My guess is that the script that moves ships ignores ships that have a jump drive. Or, it dumps them in lowsec somewhere, instead.

I do believe the script was updated at some point to ignore capitals, but not until after several ships were already relocated to high-sec space. CCP went with allowing players who wanted to keep them in highsec for the giggles to do so, and those who wanted their expensive ships to actually be useful can move them back out with a support ticket.

A rorqual in highsec mining veldspar wouldn’t be bad to have now.

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Build one in a wormhole, log it out in space for 6 months, and see where it goes? :smiley:

I would need to try it on a character that had never gone to lowsec. My guess is that they use the last low/null system you visited as the place they dump you.