Safe log-off in WH, log-in back in Empire?

Hi all.

Just back after an 18 mo break.

I had a couple of chars logging off safely in WH space (not in a structure of any sort) and now that I started playing again I found them in their ship (not in a pod) in Empire, without any losses on their kill-sheets.

Did any game mechanics get introduced that would justify this? Has anyone had a similar experience?

Thanks all!

After about six months, the game automatically moves you. That has been the mechanic for a long time.

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Thank you, I was not aware of that as I have not taken a long break before!

If you really want back, you can write a support ticket and they may help you.

I think i also heared, that they only move Alphas back to empire and i guess you wherent omega during your break.

Are you kidding me ?
You mean instead of scanning and waiting about 5 month for a propper K-Space connection out of my former C5, I just had to put all my stuff in a Charon/Bowhead , log the pilot safe off , drop Omega and wait 6 month ?
Would this works with caps too ?

I saw a relativly new WH toon with a Nag in Jita, so i guess its possible?
But it should never take you 5 months to find a decent Kspace connection.

I call ■■■■■■■■.
i’ve had some pilots logged out in J-Space for 12 months while on a break. they’re still there.

Why are you so crass?

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