Just a little feedback of a tip I got

So after being away from the game for some years, I decided to start playing again. But this time I was given a tip, that made me want to go nullsec and WH.

I was introduced to a “secret” button called ‘Log Out Safely’.
Who would have imagined that there was such a button, after spending all their time logging out INSIDE a station…?

It makes me wondering… Could such a button perhaps have a better / more visible placement, such a the “start” button was given in the Windows OS ?

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Are you sure you know what that option does? It doesn’t really help you ‘be safe’ while logging off or back on again.

EVE Safe Logout

Yes I believe I do. And thank you for the link.
It’s the message popping up afterwards saying something like: You did not screw this up this time. So your ship has been “plucked” off the grid, and you are safely logged off. That’s the nice part about it…

To clarify it. I previously used to believe that if logging out while in space, my only option was that the ship would warp around random for some time before it was plucked off grid.

When using safe-logoff, the process of the same, you just aren’t disconnected until your ship disappears.

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it starts a countdown for you to log out, sometimes if you disconnect the game keeps you in space a bit longer before you disappear.

if i bump you, lock you or anything else you cant log off, if you do anything you cant log off.

all it is, is a timer the phases you out so when you close your game your ship doesnt sit there until the servers decide your no longer home and warp you away

Duste Pinne, that would be good indeed.
I’ve noticed that some important items of the HUD are to be searched for and what you mentioned is one of them.

Also, the setting up of the overview is a pain in the rear. Took me a good hour to get everything just right. That’s an hour off of actual play.

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