Problems with safe log

So for some reason i was not able to safe log earlier, it would let me log off but not safely, all it said was unable to safe log for unknown reason.

any idea?

There are a lot of conditions that prevent safe log as enumerated on the support site:

But they are for your reference:

  • Modules on the ship are active or become active
  • The pilot is ejecting from the ship
  • The pilot has, or gains, aggression from players or NPCs
  • The ship is exploding or self-destructing
  • Movement commands have been issued and are active
  • Any objects are launched or jettisoned
  • A fleet is joined
  • Drones are deployed or reconnecting to abandoned drones
  • Target locks are active (both being locked and having a lock on someone else)
  • Warp Commands are issued or ongoing
  • The ship is cloaked in any capacity, including gate cloaks.

Any sound like they were the problem?

i know all of that and none of them applied, but ty for the response.

Client has been pretty buggy today. Tethering failing to work. Cynos failing to light. Models and other graphics failing to show. All seemingly random and requiring a relog to fix.

If you lost something because of this I’d petition it. My guess is that the CCP customer services guys will be handling a flood of complaints like these come Monday morning.

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I don’t have any solutions. But I would often try the safe log off twice. Because the first time the timer wouldn’t reach zero before giving me a general disconnect message, without any mention of my ship being removed from space.

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