Logged off in Space

How long can I leave my ship in space while logged off?

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PS: If I log off in space while cloaked, will I be cloaked upon reloging?

This will give you some more information:

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“NOTE: Log-off timers will only start counting down once all active modules have completed their current cycles and all ongoing warp commands at the time of log off have fully finished the warp.”

So that says I can’t log off while cloaked.

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But the links didn’t say *how long" I can leave a ship in space.
Can I leave it iin space for a week and still find it where I left it?

I’ve left ships logged off (using the "safe log off feature on the hud) for months.

Having said that, I do check in on those characters periodically, assessing the “lay of the land” so to speak.

I have read anecdotes to the effect that CCP relocates ships logged off in space, if those ships and characters are logged off longer than 6 months; but I have no first hand experience with that.

I hope this helps.


Thank you. It helps a lot. Will like your post when I have more hearts.

I don’t plan on leaving my alts in space longer than two or three days at a time.
I needed to know the info in order to plan better.

Thank you so much.


Indefinitely. As you log out and your timers have ended your ship will disappear leaving no trace at all until you log back in again. You could have played 20 years ago to log in today for the first since then and it’ll be there just fine.

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I was told very clearly that if you log off in a J-space (wormhole), CCP will relocate you back to K-space after some number of months. I understand that this is to prevent everybody from creating an army of alpha utility clones populating all of J-space.

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Thank you for you reply.

I’m guessing K-space is normal space? What’s ‘K’ and ‘J’ stand for?

eve online j space


Edit after flagged: To whomever it concerns: I know it’s embarrassing, because it’s true. You can decide what you take away from it, you can learn from it that you can do your own research or just ignore it or even hate it and rely on others to tell you everything, the choice is yours. :slight_smile:

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I believe the K is arbitrary and is given to be understood as Known Space. If it has a particular meaning or origin beyond that I’ve never heard of it. J space is called what it is because wormhole system names begin with J.


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Btw as for the subject itself some speculate it is referred to as J in association with Jovians. You can do a simple google search to bring up the related thread from the old forums to read the details so won’t bother linking it here. Just in case you are interested in the lore aspect of the subject.

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That’s what I first thought but then it sounded unlikely.

Thanks, I am interested in the lore and will do that.

Most people call J-space wormhole space, but this is rather absurd if you think about it, since wormholes are what you go through to get there, not the destination itself. There are some other thread topics that discuss where in known space CCP teleports you to.

One of the coolest lore related things I’ve seen related to wormholes was a capsuleer plotting the system names using Right Ascension.

You get two celestial arcs that Anoikis systems reside in (except Sentinel). One of the arcs is purely Shattered systems. Whether this was an intentional Easter Egg, or happy coincidence, is a mystery unsolved. :slight_smile:

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