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Hi all,
I have a question about cloaks, as I’m just skilling up into them. If I’m in space in a wormhole and cloaked up, can I quit the game and when I come back later, still be cloaked? Or does the cloaking stop the moment I log off?
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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No need to cloak up. If you log out safely while in space, your ship warps off and disappears.

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Thank you, I didn’t realise that! Alrighty then, time to plan a week down the wormholes.

Hold on a second! There are some caveats with the whole log off in space thing.
(please note that the game also does not really distinguish between “Logging off” and “Disconnecting”… so everything covered below applies to both)

If you log off while in space your ship will attempt to warp off 1 million KM in a random direction and then linger in space for about 1 minute.
As for your modules (someone should fact-check me on this point)… they will cease activity during this time too. Meaning your cloak will drop.

During this 1 minute window it is entirely possible to be tracked down and shot at…even potentially blown up if the hostile is fast/ganky enough.
Hell, there are cases where a ship is warp disrupted before even warping off at all (or, more tragically, caught under an object in space).

This is, however, highly unlikely unless said hostile is actively hunting you with probes.

THAT SAID… there should be an option to “Log Off Safely” in the ESC menu. It will count down 30 seconds after activation and then disconnect you. No ship lingering in space as far as I am aware.

It should also be mentioned that the above only works when you do not have any combat timers.

If you have shot at, been shot at, or incurred any hostile effect involving yours and another’s ship (be it player or NPC) there will be a “Combat” timer that will effectively keep your ship in space up to 15 minutes.
And if your ship is caught during this 15 minutes, the timer will reset with each hostile action (be it from you or the hostile).

So if you are running from a fight, you had best be ready to ping-pong around for about 15 minutes before attempting to log off.

Now I hear some youthful, bright spark out there saying “that’s stupid!”
And you are right.

But you know what else is stupid?
People (even entire fleets of them) logging off / “disconnecting” in the middle of a fight to prevent ship loss.
This became such a problem that the powers-that-be made the system what it is so people couldn’t just “nope” out of a fight that they committed to in the first place. Or to deny the consequences of an oversight / lapse in judgement.

Yes, this does mean that people who do have legitimate connection issues will be screwed in various situations… but with the rampant abuse of “log off” shenanigans something had to give.


Thank you, that makes sense. It also answers a thought I had, about whether logging off in the middle of a battle would save your ship (I did think it shouldn’t, but you never know).
Given how I’m planning on using the undocked log-off feature, waiting 15 minutes shouldn’t be a problem in the general run of things.

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While logging off safely you can not be cloaked, in a fleet, etc. You CAN use dscan during the countdown. This means if you see combat probes you can still recloak, warp somewhere else to try, or other options.

This results in cancelling the logout countdown but at least you won’t be potentially attacked.


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