Wormhole enterances

I feel like its unfair for people to jump in and out of a WH while in combat to reset their armor back to full just to come back in and fight at the gate more and leave and come back repetitively they should not be able to leave when they start the attack for the 15 mins on aggression timer its is very unfair for people that have to defend their Wormhole entrances. people are using it to have an unfair advantage over other players with is just not right

oh well…

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I never tried to roll a hole during combat. Is it feasible?

Well Kate. I feel you need to wormhole better. Wormhole mechanics are different from gate mechanics. That is a good thing.

You do understand wormhole polarization timers right?

I also feel wasting time building battleships in a C1 just paints a target on your back

I also look forward to the next wormhole police video.


If you are prepaired for it (and there are no bubble around the wormhole), it’s possible yes.

Wormholes don’t have any aggression timers, but they do have polarization timers. If you splash through a wormhole and then reenter it you will be polarized and prevented from using it again until the timer expires. This is not effected by combat or aggression. The dynamics are different than null and low-sec.

Mostly being outnumbered every time, I never considered it! That’s a fun trick I’m going to have to try sometime, under the right circumstances.

If you play your cards right, you can pre-mass the wormhole and hide a ship to close it on the other side, then wait for the enemy to jump in and crash the hole behind them so they are now stuck in your fleet.

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That part we already did, but it never occurred to me to actually close it, lol! A little bit of planning and prep. Thanks for the idea!

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Just roll the hole and you don’t have to worry about them playing games.

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