Do wormholes need balancing?

i’m curious to see what people think of the current wormhole mechanics, since we are now down to daily 40-100 man t3 fleets coming from wormholes and thera. to me the mechanic is broken, these fleets roll holes, jump through kill something and run back to their holes, with no way to counter a fleet that size on a moments notice, they suffer virtually no losses, I am definitely interested in seeing how many players think this could ever actually be considered balanced gameplay, when they are guaranteed kills with onjly minor to no losses, and their doing it literally daily now that their ranks have been swelled by collapsed lowsec alliances.

So i’m curious to see what the community at large thinks about it. is the mechanic broken? does ccp need to balance wormholes to make it more difficult for these fleets to operate?

members of VOLTA, Inner Hell, and Actchung need not reply we know your opinion of it, since your the ones doing it on the daily. lol

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Sorry, I’m not seeing what’s broken about this.

If the issue about how a lot of ships can appear at once, kill something, and then run away, do you feel the same way about gates? Cynos and bridges?

Unless the issue is about something else, like how you feel like you can’t krab safely because a spooky scary wormholer might show up at any moment. In which case, the mechanic is definitely not broken because that’s kind of the whole point of wormholes.


the issue is the current mechanic allows them to redirect wormholes to target system, bring through a huge gang kill a target and flee back through the hole within a matter of minutes, you can hardly form in time to get to grid, it guarantees that will get their kill or flee grid with absolutely 0 losses because of their fleet comp. how is that not broken? garaunteed kills with no losses is not balanced, they assume no risk because they can strike wherever they want without warning.

In a game where the largest ships are being nerfed for “Balance” I see this ability to roll holes at will to a target system and push a 100 man gang through at will as a broken or abused mechanic

I’m gonna need a citation for this claim, because that’s not how it works.

It seems like you think the mechanic is broken mostly because you don’t understand the mechanic in the first place. :slight_smile:


you never heard of these gangs rage rolling holes?

the get static holes in their space, they roll them then open another roll that one till they get a hole that leads to their target area or close to it. it’s even worse in thera, where they get 8 static holes to roll until they get a target hole.

your own killboard shows this is not a true statement . do you think nobody fact checks , and you can just lie at will and nobody will ever call you on it ?

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maybe a saber, there’s no legion fleet losses, no loki losses, anywhere on our killboard, but nice try to discredit.

sorry i thought


i can see where i went wrong now , happy holidays o/


yeah cause losing a saber while your killing a supercarrier is equivilant right? sure buddy “almost no losses to their core fleet”, there I printed a retraction, do you feel superior now?

you’re prolly one of the wormholers an alt, to be such a jerk on a question of opinion

ccp please nerf players putting effort in so i can peacefully krab >:(


Imagine complaining about these big scary WH people when you wield massive super fleets. Let’s be real, you can’t kill them because you suck period.


Honestly this mechanic sounds awesome. Then again I used to spend most of my time in WH’s

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I don’t know of any gangs that rage roll wormholes that are able to target systems.

I mean, there’s literally a website and a corporation that goes around recording these Thera hold AND MAKING THEM PUBLICLY AVAILABLE ON THEIR WEBSITE.


HK used to have a wormhole generator.


WHs do need rebalancing, i dont get to make titans and super carriers in my hole so i can boson entire fleets away in seconds.


This post is bad, and you should feel bad. Living in a WH is FAR MORE difficult than living in K space. There are no guarantees you can get a safe connection or jump route to move assets in and out. If you are under siege in your hole, and your structure is lost, 100% of your assets are gone. There is no asset safety. You have the easy life in K space. Just use Dscan and watch local while you AFK rat so you can buy more supers you will never use.

If you want to do anything about these 100 man T3C fleets coming in, you should fix your shitty piloting skills… Go learn to PVP and train others and maybe ship up and take the fight to these guys. Get a spy in their corp, put some effort in. Don’t come out here and cry like a baby saying you need to nerf a playstyle that takes 50 X more effort than your AFK ratting.


This is a really clever counter- and it totally slipped my mind.

Forum posts like this are why I kill caps.


Show us on the doll where the v0lta touched you.


There are a lot of dumb posts that have enough merit, or even just the superficial appearance of such, to warrant some exposition as to why it is a dumb post.

This isn’t one of them.

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