Drifter Wormholes Broken

It looks like drifter wormholes are no longer working as they used to. Before this last patch, each drifter wormhole (Barbicon, Conflux, Redoubt, Sentinel, and Vidette) maintained between 20-30 wormhole connections. Now it seems there are a lot less holes. No matter which drifter WH I go to, there has been anywhere from 3-7 wormhole connections at a time (when there used to be 20-30). There was nothing about it this in the patch notes, so I can only assume it wasn’t intended. It seems there was a change to wormholes, fixing a bug that previously did not allow them to spawn, but nothing about this.

Now it seems impractical to use these holes at all, given the fact that it just took me 3 hours to find an entrance to any of the drifter wormholes.

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Yea I agree it broke some weeks ago only 7 sigs per wh hole around :confused: I miss the old 30 sigs.

Just a reminder, these are still very broken. Wouldn’t mind getting a quick update on this from a dev

They did it on purpose btw.

I made several petitions about it and reddit posts. Why you think its on purpose? From ccp responses i got they have no idea what happened.

Because it was extremely strong in the right hand’s CCP obv noticed and nerfed them.

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They were not strong. They were actually pretty dangerous. Mass was limited. Life spam limited. So it was ok. But i thought you know for sure that they intentionaly neft them. But you are only assuming.

Yes I am amusing because I don’t see any logical reason why they would go from 40 to 8 randomly, out of 8 sig’s there is usually only 1-2 good null sec link’s, in the old 40 there was at least 12 Null’s sometimes more it’s a massive difference.

it was never 40. it was usually arround 22-25 and now its arround 3-4.

Felt like 40 because it would take an hour to scan them all down and rename them xD but yea probably like 25.

I’d normally see 22-25. Max I’ve ever seen was 28

Just checked, still broken today too

Still not working. An update would be really appreciated



Still Broken. Lets hope they will fix them after this patch in May.

Will they be fixed tomorrow??? It’s anybody’s guess…my 8ball says “Not a chance in hell”

They didnt. CCP said “Working as intended”

Reading patch notes, is this a fix? https://www.eveonline.com/article/pd8zye/patch-notes-for-august-2018-release

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